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An online knowledge repository mapping peace building efforts across Pakistan

Campaign Hub

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A studio producing engaging content that raises awareness, highlights issues and provokes debate

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An events space dedicated to learning, discussion and an appreciation of the arts

Social Innovation Lab

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A co-working space to create, enable and sustain innovative solutions to social challenges.


HIVE is a first-of-its kind space in Pakistan – dedicated to training, research, resource development and social innovation to counter extremism and work towards an inclusive, peaceful society.

Of the numerous challenges that Pakistan faces today, extremism and terrorism are among the most critical. The rising levels of violence, attacks on citizens for their ethnicity or faith, and the shrinking space for debate reveal deep fissures in our society. At the same time, it is clearer than ever that any true challenge to this can only be at the societal level.

Although for many years the brave citizens and civil society of Pakistan have been fighting to improve these conditions, their efforts unfortunately remain isolated, scattered, and often marginalised. There has as yet been no attempt to consolidate such work and collect it in a single place to provide a multi-purpose resource that could benefit all those linked to these issues.


  • To serve as a data resource for activists, practitioners, journalists, researchers and donor organizations
  • To enhance the capacity of community-based organizations in Pakistan through training, networking and access to practical tools
  • To incubate new ideas in the field of counter-extremism and peacebuilding, and to guide them through to implementation
  • To build successful knowledge partnerships through a national network of counter-extremism experts and frontline workers
  • To raise awareness, encourage conversation and foster debate on issues related to extremism and peacebuilding within the general public, both online and offline