Hama-Rang is an initiative to promote diversity and discourage ethnocentrism by engaging members of different communities living in Karachi. Karachi is a city where different communities live. This program will help the community members to come together and celebrate the diversity.



  • To engage students/activists from all the communities.
  • To provide platform for activists to promote their culture and understanding
  • To create content promoting tolerance, co-existence and culture relativism.
  • To explore different cultures, languages and customs
  • To celebrate diversity, discourage ethnocentrism and break the stereotypes.



There would be around 25 participants from different ethnic and religious backgrounds are gathering to share, learn and reflect their ideas to transform conflicts and ensure peaceful co-existence in Karachi and beyond.



Friday 12th June: Day 1

Time Activities
4pm Orientation/Ice Breaker by Amno Amaan
4:30pm Teaming/Tasks by Amno Amaan
5:00pm Theatre Rehearsal by Khurram Ali
7:00pm Musical Performance by Hannan
8 pm Dinner


Saturday 13th June: Day 2

Time Activities
10 am Team Projects and Discussion
12 pm Movie Screening (Remember The Titans)
2 pm Lunch
3 pm Workshop on Ethnic Diversity by Akhtar Baloch
4 pm Diversity Tour of Different Places in Karachi
8 pm Dinner


Sunday 14th June: Day 3

Time Activities
10 am A Tribute to Martyrs (Karachi Martyrs in 2015)
2 pm Lunch
3 pm Theatre Performance
5 pm Local Games
7 pm Breakout Session (Follow-up Ideas, sharing and closing discussion)
8 pm Dinner & Departure