Civic Imagination of Pakistani Youth & CVE Messaging

This research sought to gain an initial understanding of the ways in which Pakistani youth currently perceive Pakistan, the persistent narratives that motivate and inspire them, the imagined possibilities that they hold for their country, and the change models they perceive to be desirable and possible within the current context.
Civic Imagination of Pakistani Youth & CVE Messaging Ver 120618

Karachi Youth Network Survey

Karachi Youth Network Survey is a foundational research structured around the ground realities, hopes, fears and expectations of young people in Karachi. With 65% of Pakistan’s population below the age of 301 and Karachi being the biggest city of Pakistan, the report focuses on the opportunity of improving the social and civic situation of youth of Karachi by meaningful engagement. It is widely known that disillusioned youth are vulnerable to exploitation by extremist elements. In this regard, the engagement of youth on economic, community and political fronts is a need of the hour. The Karachi Youth Network Survey encompasses the trends which are being followed by youth activists and youth organizations while working in the broad areas of youth development and advocacy.

Karachi Youth Network Survey Report (Intellecutal Property)

The Madrasa Conundrum

This report can be classified into four main sections: The first section examines Pakistan’s madrasa landscape. It attempts to assess the number of madrasas in the country and scrutinize the available data on the number of students enrolled in these madrasas. The second section analyses the possible linear relationship between certain madrasas and terrorist activities as well as the potential role of madrasa education in the formation of a particular worldview of its students. The third section focuses on the socioeconomic status of madrasa students and attempts to address some of the problems that they face on a regular basis. The fourth section presents an overview of the previous attempts at madrasa reform and the roles of some of the major actors involved.

Madrassa Conundrum by HIVE Policy Document_Final Draft