Institute for Peace and Secular Studies

Key Information

Organization Name: Institute for Peace and Secular Studies

Head Office: Lahore

Working Since: 1995

Areas of Operations: 34 Districts of Punjab


(as of March 2015)

Trainings/ Workshops

No. of trainings/workshops delivered to date: 15

Themes: Peace Building, Counter Extremism and Conflict Resolution

Cities these were delivered in: Lahore


No. of conferences/seminars organized to date: 20

Themes: Pakistan-India Relations, Track III Diplomacy and Relax Visa Policy between Pakistan and India, Counter Extremism, Terrorism

Cities these were held in: Lahore


No. of campaigns launched to date: 3

Themes: Peace Building, Deradicalization, Peace Mobile Cinema and Counter Violent Extremism

Cities these were held in: Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Okara, Pakpattan, Lodhran, Bhawalpur and Muzaffargarh

Arts & Culture Events

No. of arts & culture events held to date: 40

Themes: Peace Building and Counter Violent Extremism and Mobile Cinema for Peace

Cities these were held in: Lahore, Multan, Muzaffargarh, Bahawalpur. Lodhran


(as of March 2015)

No.NameDate PublishedPDF File/Web link
1Report on Police TortureWeb Link
2Taseer’s MurderWeb Link
3The Terrororizing Crises Of A Developing Nation State Web Link
4Students Issues at Punjab University Web Link
5Gojra attacks – A ReviewWeb Link
6Peace Mobile cinema- DocumentaryWeb Link
7Tracing the Roots of Religious Extremism – Lecture SeriesWeb Link
8Music videoWeb Link
9Open micWeb Link
10Dhanak film club Web Link

Major Projects

(as of March 2015)

No.NameNature of Project
Successfully Completed
1Pakistan-India Relaxed Visa RegimePolicy / Normalization of Visa Policy between Pakistan and India
2Youth De-Radicalization CampaignCounter Violent Extremism
3Peace Mobile CinemaMobile Cinema for Youth, Counter Violent Extremism and Peace Building
In Progress/Upcoming
No.NameNature of Project
Not Available

Awards Received


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