MEHRDAR Institution of Research & Publication

Key Information

Organization Name: MEHRDAR Institution of Research & Publication

Head Office: Fatima Jinnah Road near Marri Lab, Quetta

Contact Person: Parveen Naz/Abid Mir/Hasil Murad

Working Since: 2011

Areas of Operations: Quetta, Karachi, Jaffarabad, Awaran, Turbat, Gwadar, Nushki, Sibi and Jeccobabad


(as of March 2015)

Trainings/ Workshops

No. of trainings/workshops delivered to date: 20

Themes: Role of Social Media, Disaster Management, Conflict Resolution, Peace Building and Human Rights

Cities these were delivered in: Quetta, Gwadar, Jaffarabad and Karachi.


No. of conferences/seminars organized to date: 5

Themes:Peace Building, Media Advocacy through Social Media and Education

Cities these were held in: Quetta, Gwadar and Karachi.


No. of campaigns launched to date: 5

Themes: Education, Photo Journalism, Peace Building, Advocacy and Human Rights and Women Empowerment and Democracy.

Cities these were held in: Karachi, Quetta, Jaffarabad, Turbat, Gwadar, Nushki, Sibi, Jeccobabad, Kharan and Hub Chowki.

Arts & Culture Events

No. of arts & culture events held to date: 25

Themes: Gender Sensitivity, Cultural Values, Women Empowerment, Discrimination, Peace Building. Education, Reproductive Health and Heritage.

Film Making and Documentaries Peace Building, Education, Cultural Issues, Child Labour,  Cultural themes and Role of Media

Cities these were held in: Quetta and Karachi.


(as of March 2015)

No.NameDate PublishedPDF File/Web link
1Nawab Khair Bux Marri K Interviews (Compilation)2011N/A
2Jung, Muhabbat aur Kahani (Abid Mir, Short Story)=N/A
3Karwan k Sath (Gul Khan Naseer Urdu Poetry)=N/A
4Aflaas Ka Karwaan (Noor M. Turkay; Translated by Prof. Shah M. Marri)=N/A
5Baloch Case by Khursheed Mastoi=N/A
6Hochi Man by Prof. Shah M. Marri=N/A
7Babu Abdul Kareem Shorish by Prof. Shah M. Marri=N/A
8Saeen Kamal Khan Sherani by Prof. Shah M. Marri=N/A
9Shah Inayat Shaeed by Prof. Shah M. Marri=N/A
10Wafa Ka Tazkara by Prof. Shah M. Marri=N/A
11Shah k Jogi by Natiq Solangi=N/A
12Gorila Jung; Tareekh o Usool by Salam Sabir=N/A
13Arwaa ae Moothk (Balochi) Umar Rewabela’s Noval Translated by Dr. Prof Saboor=N/A
14Cheeda (Brahvi) by Ghamkhwar Hayat=N/A
15Balochistan Ka Aks “MEHRDAR” Sailab 2010=N/A
16Muhasir e Theory aur thaeun e qadr (Daniyal Tareer)2012N/A
17Mane Fane (Daniyal Tareer)=N/A
18Parinda (Agha Gul)=N/A
19Makrani (Sheikh Ayaz k Afsany)=N/A
20Khwab Salamt Rahen (Dr. Saeed Mastoi)=N/A
21MehrNaama Serial No #1=N/A
22Mehrdar; Balochistan main zarahe ablag =N/A
23Tere Firaq Main (Sher Dil Ghaib)=N/A
24Baloch Samaj K Jadeed Tanazur (Naveed Langove)2013N/A
25Shah Latif-Hushaq k Qafly (Dr. Shah M. Marri)2013N/A
26Chup Ki Chaap (Imran Saqib)2013N/A
27Jahan Jaskeen Droshom (Balochi) (Dr. Marri)2013N/A
28Aeno Nany Dy Degery (Brahvi) (Hameed Aziz Abadi)2013N/A
29Communist Manifesto in Balochi2013N/A
30Mao zy Tang by Dr. Shah M. Marri2013N/A
32Baloch Desh sy Bangla Desh Tak by Khalid Mir2013N/A
33A Battle Field for Balochistan by Yousuf Ajab2013N/A
34Surkh Aashiye by Abid Mir2013N/A
35Khwab kam Khawab by Daniyal Tareer2013N/A
36Khuda Meri Nazm Q Parhy Ga by Daniyal Tareer2013N/A
37Jadeediyat, Mabad e Jadeediyat aur Ghalib by Daniyal Tareer2013N/A
38Suraj ka Shehr by Dr. Marri2014N/A
39Dr. Shah M. Marri Hayat of Afkar by Abid Mir2014N/A
40Mazal Narandat by Hassan Nasir in Brahvi2014N/A
41Fehmida Riaz Fun of Shakhsiyat by Dr. Marri2014N/A
42Thomes Pen by Dr. Marri2014N/A
43Balochistan Ka Adbi Tanazur 2015N/A
44Brahvi Shahiri of Ghamkhwar2015N/A
45One Book is in press of our female writer 2015N/A

Major Projects

(as of March 2015)

No.NameNature of Project
Successfully Completed
1PublicationsPrinting books from 2011 to 2014
2“Helping Hands Campaign” in Jaffarabad and Naseerabad Flood Relief
3Helping Hands Campaign in Awaran DistrictRelief Programme
4Research WorkProblem of Mass Media and Flood base Research in Balochistan to Pakistan level
5DocumentariesTotal five documentaries in Balochistan and Karachi level (2012-2015)
6Lyari and Film and Photography SchoolTwo batches are completed (2015)
7Survey for Victims identification who are violated during the terrorismHealth Survey in Lyari Town for victim violated persons (2014)
In Progress/Upcoming
No.NameNature of Project
1DocumentariesTwo in progress or pending
2Lyari and Film and Photography SchoolPhoto Journalism Documentary
3PublicationTwo books are in press and others will also in our plan
4ResearchMehrdar serial two on Research on Education in Balochistan to Pakistan Level

Awards Received

  • MEHRDAR and the faculty of MEHRDAR; the MAP got different awards from the national level organizations on the working of leadership
  • peace
  • art and flood related work.

Additional Information

MIRP has been working on relief and rehabilitation in different disaster prone areas of Balochistan since 2011. Research and publication are the most important parts of the MEHRDAR. As per MEHRDAR perspective, literature and art are essentials for countering extremism. We believe that our region is highly affected by extremism, therefore, in order to counter, MEHRDAR decides to work on art, promotion of film making, media and photojournalism culture into communities through youth. We have also started the faculty of MEHRDAR Art and Production in Lyari and Karachi.

MEHRDAR has been acknowledged by the government of Islamic Republic of Iran  for its flood relief programme.