Minhaj Ul Quran International

Key Information

Organization Name: Minhaj Ul Quran International

Head Office: Lahore

Contact Person: Dr RaheeqAbbasi

Working Since: 1986

Areas of Operations: Pakistan and Approximately in 90 Countries.


(as of March 2015)

Trainings/ Workshops

No. of trainings/workshops delivered to date: 150

Themes: Eradication of Extremism & Terrorism

Cities these were delivered in: Pakistan


No. of conferences/seminars organized to date: 300

Themes: Religious, Spiritual, Political, Educational & Social Welfare

Cities these were held in: Pakistan


No. of campaigns launched to date: 118

Themes: Tackling Extremism & Terrorism, Increasing Awareness

Cities these were held in: Pakistan

Arts & Culture Events

No. of arts & culture events held to date: 45

Themes: Promoting Islamic Culture, Youth Programs & Sport Festivals

Cities these were held in: Pakistan


(as of March 2015)

Sr.NameDate PublishedPDF File/Web link
1Fatwa On Terrorism2010 Web Link
2Islam on Mercy & Compassionate Web Link
3Islam on Serving Humanity Web Link
4Relations of Muslims & Non-Muslims Web Link
5The Supreme Jihad Web Link
6Islamic Means of Peace Web Link
7Peace, Integration & Human Rights Web Link

Major Projects

(as of March 2015)

No.NameNature of Project
Successfully Completed
Peace BuildingPeace Building
Interfaith & Intra-faith HarmonyInterfaith Harmony
Prevention of Forced MarriagesPreventing Forced Marriages/Increasing Awareness
Resolution of Social ConflictsResolving Domestic Conflicts
In Progress/Upcoming
No.NameNature of Project
Deradiclisation CampsEradicating Extremism & Terrorism
Political AwarenessAwareness
Human RightsHuman Rights Advocacy

Awards Received

  • N/A

Additional Information

Additional Publications by Dr Tahir Ul Qadri :

  • Muhammad (Pbuh) – The Peacemaker
  • Muhammad (Pbuh) – The Merciful
  • Human Rights In Islam
  • The Supreme Jihad
  • Peace & Submission
  • Islam on Love & Non Violence
  • Spiritual & Moral Excellence