Dear Innovator,

By now you will have gone through an Orientation for our Peace Accelerator, and should have all the information you need to start this program.

The first task is to draft an initial brief for your project idea. Please take some time to think through each aspect of your project thoroughly and do the necessary research for it. Feel free to discuss your ideas with our team if that will help.

Remember: the more detailed your brief is, the more it will help to achieve your project goals!

Your brief will be used as the main reference document during the next 8 weeks. It will assist in monitoring your progress and identifying the areas where you require the most help. It will also be used to measure the achievements of your project at the end of the program and to decide on future plans.

Lastly, some additional advice:

Be Creative

Be Flexible

Be Positive

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Good Luck!

The HIVE Social Innovation Lab Team


Project Planning Report

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