SEHER [Society for Empowering Human Resource]

Key Information

Organization Name: SEHER [Society for Empowering Human Resource]

Head Office: 204- B Jinnah Avenue, Jinnah Town Quetta, Balochistan Pakistan

Contact Person: Abdul Wadood [Executive Director] SEHER

Working Since: 1998

Areas of Operations: Quetta, Pishin, Qila Abdullah, Qillah Saifullah, Sibi, Loralai, Khuzadar, Gwadar, Lesbella,Mastung, Chaghi, Naseerabad, Qillah Abdullah, Qillah Saifullah, Zairat, Sanjawai, Loralai, Kachi, Bolan, Jaffarabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore and Islamabad


(as of March 2015)

Trainings/ Workshops

No. of trainings/workshops delivered to date: 6582

Themes: Child Protection, Women Empowerment, Education, Micro Enterprise Skills, Socio-pscyo counseling skills, CRC and JJSO Laws, Community Development, Active Citizen Program, Human Refuge Right.

Cities these were delivered in: Quetta, Loralai, Sanjawai [UC]


No. of conferences/seminars organized to date: 16

Themes: Child Protection, Women Empowerment, Borstal Institution Bill, Juvenile Rights, Prisoners right, Gender-based Violence, HIV, Economic Empowerment and Youth Empowerment.

Cities these were held in: Quetta, Loralai and Islamabad


No. of campaigns launched to date: 400

Themes: Behavior Change Communication, Advocacy, Peace, Disaster Management, Human Rights, Prisoners and Juveniles Rights, Integrated Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, Refugee Rights, Bostral Institution Bill and Minority rights.

Cities these were held in: Ziarat, Sanjawai, Khuzdar, Awaran, Kalat, Noshki, Jaffarabad, Mastung, Quetta, Loralai and Pishin

Arts & Culture Events

No. of arts & culture events held to date: 06

Themes: Culture and Heritage, Women Empowerment and Counter Extremism

Cities these were held in: Quetta, Loralai, Pishin, Bostan, Ziarat and Gawarda, Mastung and Noshki


(as of March 2015)

S.noPublicationProjectHard and SoftGoogle link Address
1Imtizaj BrusherIMTIZAJ30 copies and Soft Copy Web Link
219 November 2011 to 2014 ReportSoft Copies Web Link
3Calendar 2014CPCRG and HRF40 Copies and Soft Copy Web Link
4CPRCRG Project News LetterCPCRG10 Copies and Soft Copy Web Link
5CRC brushersCPCRG15 Copies and Soft Copy Web Link
6JJSO BrusherCPCRG15 Copies and Soft Copy Web Link
7Probation BrusherCPCRG15 Copies and Soft Copy Web Link
8Training ManualCPCRG15 Copies and Soft Copy Web Link-ehF_2ploZn0WneMAa?dl=0
9BEP LefletBEP5 Copies Soft Copy Web Link
10SEHER NEWS letter ( URDU Version) 2011 to 2014 total 8 News letterSEHERSoft Copies Web Link-ehF_2ploZn0WneMAa?dl=0
11Annual Report SEHER 2011 to 2014SEHERSoft Copies Web Link
12ILAC Brusher and PostersILAC5,5 Copies and Soft Copies Web Link-ehF_2ploZn0WneMAa?dl=0
13PNA BrusherPNA10 Copies and Soft Copies Web Link
14BEP News letterBEP20 Copies and Soft Copy Web Link
15Aurto kay Haqooq ( Book)ESPSoft Copy Web Link
16HIV AID ( Book)GBV/HIVSoft Copy Web Link-ehF_2ploZn0WneMAa?dl=0
17CPRCG BrusherCPCRGSoft Copy Web Link
18Training Manual ( ICRP )ICRPSoft Copy Web Link
19Project Annual ReportSoft Copy Web Link
20BEP Book LetBEPSoft Copy Web Link
21Child DairyBEPSoft Copy Web Link
22Brusher PPTCPPTCSoft Copy Web Link
23One FlayerESWBSoft Copy Web Link
24BrusherPCPCSoft Copy Web Link
25One Pager FlayerBEPSoft Copy Web Link

Major Projects

(as of March 2015)

No.NameNature of Project
Successfully Completed
1Voice of PrisonersLegal aid to 100 Under trial prisoners.
2GBV/HIVIdentification of HIV and GBV cases, Orientation and training sessions.
3Minority RightEstablishment of call centre
4Balochistan Education ProgramEstablishment of Child clubs, PTMCs.
5Rigorous Social Mobilization for Poverty alleviation through Participatory Action ResearchSocial Mobilization for Poverty alleviation through Participatory Action Research of 150 families
6Ending violence against women (EVAW)2000 women provided protection
7Education Sector Reform Assistance (ESRA)2000 benefited
8Rehabilitation of Children in Conflict with Law (RCCL)300 juveniles rehabilitated
9Basic Health Care Center1500 persons provided with medical support
10Youth and Adult Literacy Project RFA-I2000 benefited
11Mitigating Urban Poverty Program (MUPP)500 families
12IMTIZAJ350 children rehabilitated
13Demonstrating Elimination of Child Labor through Awareness Raising and Education (DECLARE)500 children rehabilitated
14Gender Justice through Musalihat Anjuman (GJTMAP)1500 members trained
15We Can100000 change makers for Ending violence against women
16FEAR Turbat2000 benefited
17Counseling trainings to teachers for Psychological well – being of the children of the most flood affected District, Kech, of Balochistan250 teacher trained
18CBCPP2300 children rehabilitated
19Transitional Shelter project (Ziarat)9 schools reconstructed
20Registration of Educational Activities for Children in Earthquake Affected Schools (Ziarat, Harnaee)Registration of Educational Activities for Children in Earthquake Affected Schools (Ziarat, Harnaee)
21Registration of Vulnerable Children in Earth Quake Affected Districts of Balochistan (Ziarat , Harnai) (Survey)Registration of Vulnerable Children in Earth Quake Affected Districts of Balochistan (Ziarat , Harnai) (Survey)
22Economic security for the women of Balochistan (ESWB)5000 women trained
23Emergency livestock intervention to save livelihoods and lives in flood effected areas of Balochistan. (SLEP)2500 benefited
24Legal Empowerment of Vulnerable Segments of Society (LESS)280 vulnerable provided legal support
25Integrated Child Right Program (ICRP)350 juveniles rehabilitated
26Alternative Means for Vulnerable Children through Skill Development (AMVCSD)350 children rehabilitated
27Juvenile Justice Reforms through Diversion & Restorative Justice in Balochistan (DRJB)450 children and parents were aware about diversion
28Prevention and Protection of Trafficked Children (PPTC)3600 rehabilitated
29Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV)2000 women and community members benefited
30CIDA Emergency500 widow provided with support
31ILAC5000 refugees supported
32CRS Emergency2500 provided food and non food items
33Peace Campaign10,000 people involve in peace campaign
34Balochistan Education program (BEP)Protection of children from corporal punishment in 340 schools
35Protection need Assessment (PNA)100 cases of protection
36Distribution (emergency naseerabad)23000 children provided with non food items
37Protection for Flood Affected Children and Adolescents (emergency naseerabad)1500 children provided psychosocial support
38Education (emergency naseerabad)500 teacher trained, 20 schools rehabilitated
39WASH (emergency naseerabad)Two IDP camp were provided WASH facilities
40Responding to violance against women and children (RVAW&C)Protection of children in 10 schools, 25 cases of women
41One Room Shelter (ORS)350 one room shelters were constructed
42CGBV, combating gender based violence2500 women benefited
43ILOA research conducted
44GBV5000 women benefited
45GBV2500 women benefited
46ESP2500 women benefited
47Mydester200 prisoner women provided support and child friendly center were established in 2 jails for their children
48Gender Equility program (GEP)20000 people involved in campaign
49Primary Health Care3000 refugees provided with medical facilities
50Active Citizen Program350 youth empower through training and started 50 social action projects
51Protection for Flood Affected Children and Adolescents15000 children supported
52Prevention and Rehabilitation of Children vulnerable to Sexual Exploitation in Quetta City200 children supported
53Food assistance for vulnerable populations affected by the high food crisis in Balochistan200 families supported
In Progress/Upcoming
1PPAFPoverty Reduction

Awards Received

  • Juvenile Justice Working Group of Pakistan: SEHER has been privileged by the Government of Pakistan to be the part of this committee. SEHER is the only Non-governmental working member of this committee which depicts credibility of SEHER with the Government
  • Winner 2007 WWSF AWARD: SEHER secured first position in global campaign of 19th November Prevention of Child Abuse Day under the umbrella of World Women Summit Foundation. In the campaign 786 organizations of the 128 countries of the world participated through innovative activities to highlight the issues of violence against children in most effective way
  • Runner UP DHL YES Award: DHL organized a competition to analyze the poverty alleviation strategy of the organizations of Pakistan. In the competition over 200 organizations participated and presented their strategies. SEHER secured 2nd position and stayed as a first runner up

Additional Information


1. Certification from Trade and Testing Board Baluchistan
2. Police Child Protection Center certification
3. Affiliation certificate from Government of Pakistan Ministry of Law, Justice and Human Rights
4. IMCP (Institutional Management & Certification Program) from US Aid
5. NPO certification

Signed MOU with different departments:

1) Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)
2) Department of Police, Government of Baluchistan
3) Ministry of Human Rights
4) Provincial Commission for Child Welfare & Development (PCCWD)-Ministry of Social Welfare
5) Education Department Baluchistan
6) Directorate of Labor and Man Power Government of Baluchistan