The Drivers of Radicalization in Pakistan

Talk & discussion led by renowned BBC journalist Mobeen Azhar

Date: 31 March 2015
Time: 4pm sharp

About the Event

Pakistan has witnessed an alarming rise in extremism and militancy on its soil over the last few years – a trend that several commentators have tried to analyze and understand. However, despite the hot debates that it provokes, the issue continues to remain widely misunderstood.
HIVE [karachi] is pleased to host Mobeen Azhar for an intimate discussion on the drivers of radicalization in Pakistan. Having worked on these issues in his role as a journalist and filmmaker, Mobeen will share his insights on some of the most important questions Pakistan faces today.

  • How does the international community view Pakistan’s efforts in the ongoing war against terrorism?
  • Has there been any major shift in local public opinion as terror attacks against civilians have intensified in the last few years?
  • Having interviewed extremists like the Lal Masjid cleric, Abdul Aziz, and the Karachi leader of ASWJ, Aurangzaib Farooqui, to what extent are these ‘preachers of hate’ responsible for the spread of terrorism in Pakistan?
  • What are the reasons behind rising radicalization in Europe?
  • What solutions can Pakistan hope to adopt to curb the rise of extremism and terrorism?


About the Speaker

Mobeen Azhar is currently working with BBC London. He is a veteran journalist and filmmaker and his work is focused on extremism and radicalization, specifically in the context of Pakistan. He has made several documentaries on issues including the blasphemy law, the capture of Bin Laden and the genocide of Hazaras in Pakistan.